With the Sneaker of Sanlitun to have a look with young people how to wear the Royal Park

ring e second column of B jun! In Guy,
B will partner with a photographer to show you around the world and share their daily lives.
Beijing Street Style Sanlitun Sneaker Sanlituns Beijing trendsetter landmark,
here Nike,
Beams with Apple,
The tide shop,
B Jun also heard that MADNESS will open a shop in Sanlitun?! This time we have gathered in this place for trendsetter Guy beat,
Sanlitun is the theme of Sneaker,
they are not necessarily toe,
is not necessarily Master street,
more likely to be students,
but this is so that we can see a strong upsurge of sneaker.
Occupation Point shoes:Air: Guyu host Styling Force 1 Occupation Styling Point Age:17 Li Yang: model shoes:Stansmith Liu Ruochen: Occupation Age:21 Styling Point shoes:Converse All Star student Wang Yi Occupation student Age:17 Styling Point shoes: Superstar Occupation Age:23 Styling student: Chao wellyork Point shoes:Air Jordan Unknow Occupation Styling Point shoes:Nike Unknow: Unknow Occupation: Unknow