Which lyrics have you used as the motto Q & A?

ring led motto,
also known as proverbs,
is a seemingly written out can give people the power of magic sentences.
Growth is accompanied by numerous mottos.
These sentences bear a hat of success or happiness,
and warn you to follow certain rules or break certain rules.
The lyrics type motto,
unlike (aged 18~30) it seems that a sour piece motto,
they are closer to your feelings,
and have an incomparable advantage that can be sung.
We | Eason Chan road.
Calantha has been recommended the reality of the helpless smile,
I can not retreat,
no longer Panghuang time,
always forward,
the road has been.
So Jay Chou | snail summer insects can not recommend any wind dry ice,
sweat and tears,
I will have my day.
We recommend TFBOYS | like cloud is too long the night,
the scenery is blocked,
there is a rising star.
We | Wei Chen not to place.
Recommend not to the place,
can not afford to hurt.
So what do you worry about the soda green | fart run recommended there is no good.
dont stop to despair.
So Glori