Tonight, 730 rainy night, the bed and song husband more match Oh, about?

ring  just tonight! Your adorable husband Song Zhongji will show up in Beijing ~ 2016 Song Zhongji Asia Tour fan meeting,
Beijing Railway Station,
Iqiyi VIP members throughout the exclusive broadcast!! Buddies broad to nest at home in bed to see my husband,
you know that Iqiyi is intimate ~ minutes to lick the screen and wait 19:30 Yuebuyue tonight?! Some small partners since learned that no song song fans to meet,
instantly feel the whole life is not good.
I Iqiyi how can I have the heart to make you sad?! Can not go to the scene does not matter,
that bed with her husband with more Oh ~ lying in bed watching her husband,
happy sweet grateful L ~ want to fly to the scene and the bursting of the Song Dynasty Obama suo: husband,
my shoelace loose.
Help me please ~ Miss husband too eager,
cannot afford to wait for tonight? Never mind,
all kinds of small this warm heart sent yesterday song 2016# Song Joong Ki Obama # Asia Tour fan meeting -- press conference Tutu love ~ Bambi like