These two super handsome national tide brand all from his hand

ring ctor of the daily two or three things in foreign street fashion,
from the United States,
followed by Japans footsteps,
extended to northern Europe,
Russia and other places,
and then look at home,
it is a bunch of love street fashion friends,
continue to carry out exploration and development of Chinese culture,
so we have the design truly belongs to our own let the world see young people,
China attitudes and ideas.
With the continuous development of Chinese culture,
the strength of the domestic trend brand continues to be strong.
This scene is like New York,
which is the rise of street culture.
Everything is so new,
interesting and interesting! In 2015 YOHOOD we officially announced the YOHOPE designer hatching plans to open,
we continue to offer Amway auo.
Sixth we have: TENYEE brand,
principal designer brands: Southfiness,
Life After Life TENYEE by SOUTHFINESS has a very iconic product style,
and he is also the YOHOPE of cutting-edge designers planning key support designers hatch.
Life After L