The most greedy man in Wall Street died. He made the world upside down

ring his week in eight,
in the creation of junk bond summon wind and call for rain,
chairman of the investment bank frenzy decorso Linton died,
also represents thirty years of greed Wall Street instead of the end of the century,
such as Facebook social network company.
Business personnel changes is very interesting,
often two seemingly unrelated personnel news,
but you can see the historical change of generation industry.
The new creation is long for the vicissitudes of old marvel.
Just past April,
there are two extremely control people thinking.
This week O 11 issue face book from Google poaching female war Dugan (Regina Dugan),
in charge of Facebooks most strategic building eight research center.
Next weeks press release,
Facebook shares beyond Buffetts Berkshire,
across the United States to become the eighth of listed companies.
In the face book continue to sprint at the same time,
New York City,
a grand mansion issued an obituary,
had created junk bond summon wind and call for rain,