Shaoxing 18 year old owner of unlicensed BMW retrograde traffic police law enforcement, dragged 30 meters

ring ws Roundup reported Shaoxing 18 year old owner of BMW retrograde,
rapid towing traffic police 30 meters.
(00:45) recently,
Zhejiang Shaoxing a BMW car driver reverse driving,
the traffic police salute past is ready to check the drivers license,
the driver is not because the car on the card,
even in spite of luck in front of a red light,
want to escape,
the police dragged 30 meters,
the traffic police body caused by multiple contusions,
even outside the belt wear uniforms broken.
Due to the name of the 90 traffic police on duty that night,
the salute of the photos widely spread,
netizens called salute brother.
At present,
the BMW driver pan suspicion of obstruction of Public Service Crime detention.
It is reported that the incident occurred in May 10th more than 5 in the evening,
Shaoxing City,
Keqiao Yumin Road and Yucai Road intersection.
That crazy driver,
18 years old,
surnamed pan,
studying in Singapore,
his drivers license in March this year just out of the exam,
is still in