ring News Network reported on May 13th the White House said on the 11,
President Obama did not intend to publish is called the secret military base area 51 information.
During the cold war,
here is the reconnaissance aircraft test site,
and some people believe that the base also has secret information about aliens.
May 11th New York Times quoted EFE reported that Democratic presidential candidate candidate Hilllary Clinton said that if she won the November election as president,
will be located in the air force base in Nevada to decrypt the information.
The White House spokesman Josh Ernest at a regular press conference,
a reporter asked whether President Obama Hilary will first step,
51 decryption information before leaving office.
Ernest said,
so far,
the president did not publish the information of any plan,
he joked,
the president has publicly joked that one of the benefits when the president is able to obtain these information.
Long known in mysterious American military base a