No, don't buy it at first. It's no disgrace

ring : if the fox and fox fish really make up their minds to love a person,
then really,
to do the hard work,
and to do good taste,
may not be prepared in return.
Buying luxuries is not a hedge against spending money.
Love means that one cannot be sure that one is happier than others.
And their ability does not meet the love,
and sometimes will make themselves very embarrassed.
Dont buy not buy at first,
love is not love at first,
this is not a shame spinach by fell in love with a person,
there is a price to pay,
we have to give up a little energy,
we risk may also be taking a life occupation planning,
in order to have someone together - love is there is a price,
the deeper the love,
the greater the value,
the acme of love,
regardless of whether he is poverty,
You will not waver in your thoughts with him.
This kind of deep and slightly solemn and stirring emotion,
and not everyone has to bear,
and I even think,
originally should not everyone to bear.
Like many lux