Life pattern must be big

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IQ is not high,
it does not matter,
EQ is not high,
but the problem is not large,
but the pattern of life must be large,
you can not smart,
you can not understand the communication,
but must be the atmosphere.
If a little bit of frustration,
you can not climb up,
and if one or two bad words,
you can not let go,
if you hate people,
hate people,
that pattern is too small.
How much atmosphere you have,
how successful you will be.
For the mind is the mark of success.
Remember one sentence: the harder you work,
the luckier you will be.
Put down your impetuous,
put down your laziness,
you put down the heat for three minutes,
youre tempted to vent the brain,
let you easily attract anything put light eyes,
what are you wanna talk gossip mouth,
down to do your thing,
the good efforts the! Sometimes,
after really hard work,
you will find yourself much better than