Jam Hsiao Christine Fan hit 2016 fit the most touching music for your tears in the scene

ring  Jam Hsiao,
Christine Fan,
dazzle audio mania,
love is faith concert in Iqiyi VIP member network throughout the exclusive broadcast! Wuli Rain God,
Jam Hsiao called you to see the live broadcast! Christine Fan and Rain God,
two voices,
with tacit understanding,
the stage performance is outstanding,
small partners have also been looking forward to they can open a concert together.
20:00 tonight,
since Iqiyi accompany you to witness the wonderful ~ singer Jam Hsiao debut,
with superior music performance repeatedly gains golden singer award.
Jam Hsiao is definitely a role model for music singers.
He has a super quality voice and an innate emotional expression ability.
Buddy is often the rain god song,
cry pear flower (XI) (LI) (Hua) with rain (LA),
it could lose self-control Christine Fan Christine Fan character.
sweet song.
Classic mode love songs let many students indulge ~ from 2000 officially debut music world to now,
Christine Fan harvested a lot of fans support.
The si