I'm sorry. I'm born introverted

ring the anchor points above green winter reading audio background music: Bai Mian snow,
the ferryman,
the source of the ferryman (ID:baiduren66) 01 sometimes think also very sorry,
because I often make the atmosphere in some occasions,
but incapable of action.
For example,
with two newly met customers eat together,
one I call her sister,
and another called Zheng Ge.
At first,
I took the chance to play the role of the younger generation,
pouring tea and listening quietly.
my sister asked me,
how old are you? My face was red and I had to tell the truth: less than thirty.
she said,
looking at me.
Its not too small.
a nearly thirty year old girl in the communication field should not be at ease,
but also liberal and dignified,
how to pretend to be naive little girl? Cong sister decisively abandoned me,
continue with the Zheng brother hot chat,
I heard she said: we of this generation of parents,
we must consciously cultivate children,
exercise the child,