How many partners do not understand because Former friends become enemies with each other. (Hao Wen)

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Its hard to do business.
a partnership must be made.
But throughout the history of world civilization,
all forms of partnership (underworld or alliance or young,
good) to the end,
not a finish basically,
more tragic is that after the partnership to make the world success in fruit,
this link row seat,
there have been many sons,
husband and wife.
fratricide bloody incident.
In fact,
you look at the story of ershisishi,
killing each other after there is a variety of partnership failure cannibalism and success.
Once man breaks away from the rules,
he begins to rush to the beasts path.
within the rules of talent,
can be called a person,
but also always human.
The rest is not.
Here is the partnership rule.
The first day of the partnership business rules -- the Warlords rule 1,
money rules (the number? How is the balance balanced? How is the s