From the VR version of the secret escape, start mystery games, while layout content development and VR experience shop

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I am a doll,
I belong to a common memory of father and son.
I stood on the table,
with incomplete faded photographs on the table,
and a notebook next to me to remind me of what had happened.
When I stand in front of a light beam to photograph,
I transferred to the memory of the scene,
and the locations of objects of the picture as if is not the same,
I have to do is put into memory,
located in the photo.
The above is a mystery game developed by VR game painting the synopsis,
the game also won the HTC VR Competition Award for best drama content.
From the perspective of the story,
the game is like a secret escape,
mystery game team is also engaged in secret escape and other real game research and development,
the design of the chamber of secrets,
the plot of these links are very familiar with.
Mystery Game co-founder Chen Zhen told the 36 team from Krypton,
that match the message t