Do micro business, with what make friends money, after reading, you still exclude micro quotient?

ring 6,
the world micro business day successfully kicked off.
You know what? Jimmy Lin,
Sa Beining,
Chen Zitong and other stars attended the event together.
in addition to the film and television sessions and entertainment stars,
many famous entrepreneurs,
the electricity supplier of some well-known people also appeared in the venue.
GREE group boss,
miss Dong Mingzhu in the world micro business conference site,
also made a wonderful speech,
to Japan to buy toilet lid,
not that they are not patriotic,
but Chinese enterprises are not patriotic.
You can build it without creating it,
without respecting the Chinese market and not respecting Chinese consumers.
When you respect the Chinese market,
respect for Chinese consumers,
the Chinese market,
Chinese consumers will respect you! When we boycott Japanese goods,
there are always things that Chinese people do to smash Japanese cars; but these actions are only affected by bad merchants,
and they can vent their anger! Can Chinese their ass