After the owner was fined, the circle of friends scolded the traffic police and polished the dog's eye...

ring a female owner in Zhejiang,
Cangnan Lu dissatisfaction with traffic police for illegal parking treatment,
in the circle of friends to send information insulting police,
public security organs were sentenced to administrative detention.
May 4,
2016 8 am,
the violator Lumou (female,
45 years old,
because of Lingxi people) Cangnan Traffic Police Brigade squadron law enforcement Lingxi dissatisfaction,
through its mobile phone dating software release information traffic police comrades after ticketed to polish your dog eyes,
next to the parking spaces are so occupied,
why dont you worry.
Is there any merit heart and ticket photo content insulting police,
views of the information has reached more than 70 times.
The traffic police department was informed of the matter,
immediately to the police station Lingxi center.
Central police station after investigation,
according to the law conducted a subpoena to obtain evidence.
According to the Peoples Republic of China Public Security Management Punish