Add a little bit of rice this day, it can control blood sugar, reduce blood fat, relieve constipation, and lose weight

ring ent happened yesterday in the Chinese nutrition community,
which was issued by the dietary guidelines for residents of China (2016)! This guide is published every ten years,
and every time it releases,
its better to give us scientific advice about eating and drinking.
Such a good guide,
health headlines,
how willing,
not recommended to you? Lets pick out some of the core points and talk to you about it.
lets say staple food first.
Remember this sentence: the type of staple food should pay attention to a variety of whole grains and beans,
the best day to eat 50 to 150 grams.
The headline cereal,
the most recommended for health headlines,
is todays protagonist: oats.
Oat whole body is treasure 1.
prevention and cure constipation 100 grams,
rice in less than 1 grams of dietary fiber,
and oats in the dietary fiber is particularly rich,
as high as 10.
6 grams / 100 grams.
You can eat 5~15 grams of dietary fiber if you have one or two to 32 oats per day,
instead of regular rice.
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