To recruit the first love of the people, Huang Xuan first broadcast live, she took you to the scene

ring ular 3 days for a male brain for a man of God,
7 days of the national climbing era,
there are a lot of girls always look for the Yellow Boy Xuan for their natal,
this is because in the end what? He is how deadly her sister skills?! Huang Xuan sister Liao national love / full disclosure! Skill,
love mode,
Sue turns you! As Mi months pass Sun Li empresss first love,
Huang Xuan skill was full,
small and Mi months grew up together,
and still the childhood sweetheart through hardships.
He passionately devoted,
the hearts of the audience harvest.
The same situation was Huang Xuan skills into the seamless female medical Princess biography,
the handsome Yan catch so warm words and fold the countless girl fans.
Skills two,
high cold director spike You,
and when out of costume drama,
Huang Xuan immediately by warm male mode switch to overbearing translation officer,
put on the suit and power power,
played the opponent play.
This surround kill skill give out,
the soft younger sister regiment is again p