Ruby Lin, Hsu Chi honeymoon companion you travel, in addition to girlfriends, you can also meow star

ring in and Hsu Chi on this beautiful bestie cry,
they travel together in Japan,
I really enjoy life ~ want to travel so why bestie annual leave,
the world is there a company from meow star people,
like to accompany you to wander among the nations! Its so lonely to travel alone,
lets invite TA to join us! The sweetest love is the best place for girlfriends.
Its a trip.
What do you think of a trip with a beauty? Ask Hsu Chi and Ruby Lin! Of course,
it is easy to offer with the goddess goddess,
Japan Mt Fuji and people who is more beautiful,
with accompanying travel too love bestie ~ Hsu Chi sentence imperceptibly show affection,
Ruby Lin immediately became shy,
two jeans and sneakers and the backpack is also loaded with bestie Dress ~ bestie what is the essence of play out? First,
there are people to beat the United States according to second people with binge eating; do not lose weight; third bedtime sifanghua ~ a sweet smile one as high as cold,
like a summer autumn ~ two people for more than 2