Amber Kuo will only wear small, fresh, sexy, even Lin admire

ring ld have thought that in just half a month,
COSMO had half the entertainment value of Yan representatives gathered high Yan +CHANEL Paris in Rome Senior Workshop series of beautiful clothing,
in particular the lens,
serious interpretation of a large picture of the charming.
It was like the best of times,
inspired by the best of them,
Fan Bingbing,
Chen Xuedong,
William Chan,
Guo Jingming,
Amber Kuo,
Lin Yi,
Aarif Lee,
in their use of justice.
Queen Fan Bingbing Fan Bingbing certainly comes with aura,
shooting day,
without demur,
hold live audience.
In 2016,
we are more concerned about the progress of Fan Bingbings love,
she is not a moment idle: go to Paris fashion week at LV show,
different dimension cat warrior type starring Feng Xiaogangs dress; I am not Pan Jinlian,
Feng Xiaogang was known as the quit,
was also Liu Zhenyun praised by the star became a very good artist.
She was that dare to do everything myself.
After so many years of debut,
Bing Bing brought u