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woolrich trench woolrich vancouver Shopping rush the main force in the high middle and low Down grow faster

Down Is really a warm winter in Shenyang were mainly Clothing But this season, down jacket available on the market in Shenyang Sell Preached in previous years distinct features: high-end Down in the hot, shopping sales quadrupled, consumers snapped up.

To Sun Changhai very happy, which 1 / 2 of the down jacket in November sales over this past year increased with a full 220%. The most surprising, this season a lot more than 2,000 yuan down jacket hot scene appeared. According to Sun Changhai introduced an export turn shopping malls domestic brand, price in 2000? Between 3,000 yuan daily sales as high as 10 million yuan.

The primary force in the high middle and low fast growth

In high-end Down, not necessarily the primary force of 500 yuan / piece, remains the most popular public price. However, high-end Down in sales this season than this past year, up about 3 times, which isnt the original thought. Sun Changhai said. The down jacket brand new, new style Fabric Well, to work. In a thing, woolrich trench may have a point, people have to simply accept. new world manager.

High-end Down in the hot, reflecting the Shenyang concept of change for human consumption. Buy Down is booming community of Ms. Has stores in 99 yuan in special down coats, not sold eventually a few.