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woolrich arctic parker mens parka sale Silver Spoon Icing Sugar Product Review

Icing sugar is something that we also have during my cupboard, it always is useful when creating cakes and the boys inquire if they are able to ask them to decorated. The brand which buy is the Silver Spoon one as Tescos have not yet branched out and produced their own brand of this.


The icing sugar comes in a cardboard box that is white and pink in colour. There is a picture of the spoon on the front which has the Silver Spoon logo in and below this is actually the product name. The rear and the sides from the box have from the relevant information about the icing sugar and directions for making. The top of the box has a cardboard tab meaning this area could be re-sealed.

Inside the box is a thick paper packet that the icing sugar is inside, this really is ideal as it means it is not loose in the box and also the packet could be folded down after use to maintain it fresh and stored safely.


It is very simple to use the icing sugar and there is also a method about the back from the box. The technique is for glace icing that will cover a 7 inch cake.


Sift 4oz of icing sugar right into a bowl and gradually add 1table spoon of tepid to warm water. The icing should be mixed until the it become thick enough to coat the rear of a spoon. More water can be added as needed but only one drop at a time. When thick enough spread outrageous from the cake and decorate as desired.

This is actually the method I use however i need to say I never actually measure the powder and merely pop a large amount into a glass bowl and then add water until it is nice a thick. I truly dont make mine too thick when i do want it to run down outrageous of my fairy cakes so it covers the entire top. I actually do also add food colouring to my icing but woolrich arctic parker must remember that the water required is going to be less as the food colouring is a liquid and can allow it to be very runny. Should woolrich arctic parker choose allow it to be overly runny then woolrich arctic parker can just give a drop more of the powder to thicken up.

You cannot really go wrong when making the icing however i would state that in case woolrich arctic parker powder is quick lumpy then it is best to sift it or without having a sieve woolrich arctic parkerll be able to crush the lumps using the back of a spoon. If woolrich arctic parker dont eliminate lumps before adding the water then woolrich arctic parker icing will end up very lumpy and wont look good when spread over a cake.

This is not the very best icing should woolrich arctic parker need a very thick result which will allow woolrich arctic parker to roll it and that i would say with this then woolrich arctic parker ready made and ready to roll icing packets are much better.

The icing can be used to make butter cream and to do this woolrich arctic parker just add the icing powder to butter or margarine and keep adding the powder until the desired sweetness of the butter cream is got.

The icing will require around an hour to set if left at room temperature and once this is done it does taste excellent. Its not overly sweet unless flavours have been added to it. There is a slightly harder outing to the set icing which tastes great by eating t before it has fully set as the underneath icing continues to be soft and the contract is texture is lovely.

Id state that when making the icing woolrich arctic parker wear an apron because the powder does are usually messy when throwing out and t does cover clothes if woolrich arctic parker are not careful.


The icing sugar is available in a pack size of 500g and this are a great few months in my house.

The ingredients for those wishing to know are:-

Icing Sugar, Anti-caking agent: Tricalcium Phosphate E341 The recipe may also contain traces of egg.

The nutritional values for a 100g serving from the icing are:-

Energy - 1700KJ - 400KCal

Fat - 0g

The icing sugar must be stored in an awesome dry place and it is ideal for vegetarians. The box can also be fully recyclable.


I purchased my icing sugar from Tesco also it was priced at 65p. I believe this really is good value as the box does are ages. Its accessible in most supermarkets and good corner shops.


I do recommend this icing sugar as it is quite simple to create, it taste great and contains a great cost. Kids will love having a good time decorating cakes with this and dont forget to put some sweets or decorations on the top the icing before it sets!