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timberland outlet mens jackets cheap Two Cute Cuddly White Coated Wonders

There are just a few breeds that have a stunning white coat and also the Maltese and West Highland Terrier are two of them. The Maltese has a single layer, white silky coat which is kept long for the show ring but many owners decide to ensure that it stays cut short to create grooming easier. The Westie has got the Terrier coat that is double layered to safeguard him within the field. The outer coat is about two inches long and is coarse while the undercoat is dense and soft. The Maltese began as a dog of royalty. His sweet, playful and gentle nature made him a favorite using the nobility and the devotion is almost unrivaled. Prior to the dog handbag was invented, women of the court carried Maltese in their sleeves. The Westie, however, was developed like a working dog in Scotland. They are essentially a white Cairn Terrier.

Beyond their startling coats, these breeds have little in keeping. The Maltese is subdued, only acting aggressively if he feels his owner is threatened. The Westie is really a game dog, like all Terriers, wholl happily tell the Dobie outside what he thinks of him. Westies are not known to actually start dog fights, though, particularly if they are well trained. The Westie likes to be outside and busy. Additionally they like to travel. They are a robust and spirited dogs. The Maltese is a homebody and, indeed, an owner needs to be careful that his Maltese isnt exposed to an excessive amount of heat and dampness. The Westie is considered to be excellent with children while it depends with the Maltese. A Maltese whos secure in his place in those and has a powerful Alpha leader is okay with timberland outletnger kids but a Maltese who is overly pampered and thinks he is boss is likely to be snappish. The Maltese is the smaller of the two breeds weighing in around six pounds. The Westie is really a solid 15 to 22 pounds.

There are a few more things that these breeds do have in common. Both of them are ideally suited for apartment life so long as theyre walked daily. They both in addition have a longevity expectancy averaging Fifteen years. Some Maltese even live to 17 or 18 years of age. They also share a location in art history. Art objects dating back to 3000 years bear a similar figure to the Maltese. They are also seen in ancient Greek ceramic art. These were often painted in the Royal Portraits of Queen Elizabeth Is reign. Westies were extremely popular in paintings during the 1800s, including Sir Edwin Landseers painting in 1831 titled The Breakfast Party. And West Highland Terriers are used in pop art today, like the Warhol-like pieces by Laura Sotka.

You may imagine owning one of these breeds. Or perhaps timberland outlet already have a Maltese in a Gucci dog handbag or walk the moors together with timberland outlet West Highland Terrier. Whichever one timberland outletve or decide to adopt, both breeds are good all around dogs in a small package.