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cheap jacket for men coats jackets Whats the trading pit

The trading pit is an area of an exchange style=float:right;position:relative;padding-top:16px;padding-bottom:16px;padding-left:16px; padding-right:16px;

trading floor thats designated for the trading of person options or futures contracts. While the trading pit appears like chaos at times with traders buying and selling, the trading pit is actually quite methodical. First, the design of a trading pit is round with steps leading into the

center. This design enables many people to suit and be seen by one another.

Traders within the trading pit don work alone. Orders are taken by telephone clerks who take the orders from customers, time stamp them, and

hand them off to runners who provide the orders for their broker whos stationed within the trading pit.

Most people in the pit wear colored jackets which function as an identification system. Brokers from the particular firm will wear

matching jackets while runners and reporters wear their own identifying colors. Additionally, hand signals assist the transactions take place quickly and convey the appropriate information across the room effectively and confidentially.

Buyers shout out their bids to other brokers within the pit while sellers shout the price theyre prepared to sell. Eventually, buyers interact with sellers and reach a price they agree with along with a trade is created.

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