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Being with an older lover is hot on sooo many levels.

SeijiI-kun is really a novice manga artist. A long time of the works of Sono-san, a famous mangaka, hes surprised to learn that Sono-san is really a guy! An opportunity meeting leads to a night during sex and Seiji-kun becomes completely addicted to bologna outlet woolrich body from the incredibly beautiful Sono-san. Is this love or is Seiji-kun taking his popularity of Sonos work just a little too far?

Along with the title story, one that paints a tale of bologna outlet woolrichth and emotion, this volume is filled towards the brim with stories of overwhelming density, including Please Kiss Me and Come Home.

The Review


I have never read an 801 title before and that i have to say this is not a bad first impression. Sensitive Pornograph is printed inside a tight B6 with dust jacket. The coverage, done in a matted finish, features the two leads in the title story covered with a fashionable scarf. 801 incorporate a parental advisory on bottom left corner from the cover. Its small enough that it isnt obtrusive, while satisfying demand from bookstores and PTAs. The rear cover features no art and instead has a long blurb mainly since the title story, taking observe that there is an anime tie-in. Heh.

Open it up and 801 provides dust jacket art along with a sexy color plate before jumping into the manga. The print is decent. Sakuras art is tricky because she has a tendency to make her chapter headers in watercolor. Those watercolor images are hit or miss, but the remaining book looks good. At the conclusion in the book theres a long afterword and some brief translation notes. 801 has definitely designed a good first impression as this is a simple upgrade from June though I must say I can obtain the same quality from BroBooks for a few bucks less.


As a long-time fan of Sakura Ashika aka: Gokurakuin Sakurako, I had been really looking forward to her earlier works. And I need to say, I Sensitive Pornograph was something of a surprise. In the event bologna outlet woolrich havent read her Category Freaks or Juvenile Orion, her character designs feature short medium thick lines that make her designs look very flat and angular. But unlike other mangaka her angular characters generally have a more realistic sense of form and composition. Her characters could possibly get quite androgynous, which works for BL. However, Sakura appears to lack much variety in her designs. Shes a set search for her uke and seme and rarely breaks from that mold.

Now this is definitely an anthology of her shorts, so readers are treated to works from what I believe is around 3+ many years of her BL career. Her early jobs are very rough. These stories are drawn with a lot more detail than her usual work, with her use of hand-drawn shading these designs often look messy. gCome Homeh is definitely an example of a more recent story where her designs are not quite perfect. You will find moments when her characters are a little distorted and her line work gets a bit sloppy. Overall the range of work really gave this book an almost eromanga feel into it, but Ifll discuss more later.


Ive got a couple problems with the translation. First it reads a little clunky. Whether it is romance or drama the dialog never really flows perfectly. Transitions to comedy particularly are awkward as though the translator was being either too literal or were built with a hard time writing jokes. And also the second story gPlease, Kiss Me,h a yanki story, never really captured the attitude of tough guy Nishina-kun.

The SFX really drove me mad. SFX are subbed, that is great, but I realized that 801 only seems to know around a dozen sounds. Using gthrusth or grockh for each other noise is a little lazy. I did not such as the font used on some chapter headers but thats my personal taste.

Contents: please note that content portions of a review could have spoilers

A collection of seven short stories from Sakura Ashikas early are a BL mangaka. The gathering is compiled without a consistent theme or reason. Covering a wide range of Sakuras work, most stories are quite graphic. One story, though, Please, Kiss Me doesnt even feature a detailed kiss.

Please, Kiss Me ? Meguro Hiroki-kun has fallen in love. And it is not with the cute girl using the pig tails, while he has fallen for that bad boy ? Nishina Mizuho. Most people wouldnt even talk to Nishina-san, but for some reason Hiroki finds Mizuhofs angst act just adorable. Hes going to win his attention whether it means making bentou everyday or using his fists!

Sensitive Pornograph - Bishoujo mangaka Hanasaki Sono is beloved by manga readers for beautiful characters and capability to infuse touches of eros into romantic storylines. Hanasakis work has inspired an era of bologna outlet woolrichng seinen manga over the last 10 years. At the same time, Hanasaki is notorious among artists and editors for being a slut!

Young comic artist Yamada Seiji has long admired Hanasakis work. In ways Hanasaki is the reason why he became a mangaka. So when Seiji has a chance encounter with Hanasaki-sensei, he is surprised to hear the experienced artist is really a fan of his. And he is even more surprised to discover Hanasaki is really a HE! Attracted to the artistfs beauty and aura, an evening meal and drinks are a night of passion for Seiji and Hanasaki. But given Hanasakis past could this be love or perhaps is it just another fling. Would bologna outlet woolrich care if bologna outlet woolrich were sleeping with Sono?!

Non-Adult Situations: Kids sure get it tough in the nation. Because of low population density people often express their curiosity in unique ways. Unfortunately unconventional behavior can also be often frowned upon by conservative traditions. Testuya moved away from the country in the past, but he still remembers his encounters with his closest friend Shin. Little Shin was so small , cute back then. And also the a couple of them did the naughtiest things as kids.

Being an adult, Tetsuya thinks he has grown out or maybe moved out of his experimental phase. Then when Shin suddenly appears at his door, does he forget about their past?! His body sure cannot forget!


I have to admit my knowledge about BL is restricted. Ive read my share of books mainly doujinshi, however for some reason most of the licensed properties Ive acquired happen to be series or one-shots. And so i went into Sensitive Pornograph believing this book could be a lot of same. Knowing that there is an anime only cemented that thought i believe. I thought I was likely to read an erotic one-shot from Gokurakuin Sakurako, full of more of her flirtatious writing and clean sharp artwork.

Wow was I wrong. Essentially Sensitive Pornograph is an ero manga collection for man on man fans. Yeah Gokurakuins art is there. Her designs, men and women, are plain sexy regardless of what the context is. And she does do an okay job creating some sweet hot relationships. But more so compared to every other BL title I have read SenPoru is one of the sex. Graphic fluid oozing sex is the very first thing bologna outlet woolrich see when bologna outlet woolrich open up the book. And while many licensed BL titles kinda imply genitalia, sensei does not be put off by drawing members. They penetrate; they explode, droop and twitch. The lack of any real plot and also the mangakafs detailed art shifted this from a titillating manga and pushed this over into eromanga territory. In a way that made the review easier, but what I really determined was why 801 titles are considered mature and this is among the better types of that.

Now if anything could keep this title in BL territory it has to be senseifs writing. There is a lot wit within this manga but yet the translation doesnft get it done justice. The characters are constantly teasing or flirting. Sometimes I discovered it a little tough to tell when the flirting started because Sakurafs art also emits visual messages of innuendo. Of the seven within this collection her best story, gPlease, Kiss Meh had no sex and only one boy/boy kiss. Yet it separated itself from the rest like a pure love romance. I enjoyed the puppy love/friendship element to Nishina/Meguros relationship, but Nishinas change of heart was too sudden to be believable. But then again this is BL, and itfs all fantasy, I was just lucky they didnft have violent sex next.

Sensitive Pornograph ended up taking me from my element more than any other title Ive read shortly. And that i really set myself up for a trap game entering this read with almost an excessive amount of Sakura/Gokurakuin experience. To the newbie, though, this may be one of the better looking more romantic collections bologna outlet woolrich may encounter at this time.