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woolrich winterjas woolrich boulder coat Should I really lug around a lens cap everywhere

One is Im out and about and taking a number of photos. Ill fit a lens hood and then leave the cap in the camera bag. The hood gives plenty of protection against knocking the front and I can shoot easily.

Another mode happens when Im hanging out with family and friends and taking the occasional shot. I quickly go ahead and take cap off and hold it in my left hand while I go ahead and take shot and put it straight back on afterwards. Ive large hands which helps with this case.

Should i be utilizing a bag I try to obtain one thats large enough to permit me to make use of the lens with the hood on. Even if Im just trekking around on foot with just my camera I have found the hoods to become of sufficient length so I dont have to worry about bumping the leading element and accidently touching the lens with my fingers.

There are times I walk around without my hood but I still do not have my lens cap because Ive one of these simple holsters fairly expensive but Id need to say its my personal favorite case undoubtedly and it looks great.