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woolrich vail coat woolrich new york A Conversation for English Slang

A notable omission, but understandable because the term has changed meaning over the years. Originally it was a term for prostitute, but a very unflattering one even compared to others. Nowadays it has come to mean a certain type of person. There are two types of scrubber, although it takes and expert to tell them apart, because they look very similar. The types are mainly divided by age, which is 12-16/17 and 17-25, also called teenager scrubbers and should-have-grown-out-of-its. Scrubbers wear dirty, smelly branded sports wear, either Nickelson, Hackett or Burberry brands and baseball caps perched as far back on the head as possible. It is possible the angle of inclination of the peak is some sort of phallic symbol As an alternative to the cap a graffiti covered beanie hat is acceptable, but not everyone who wears these are scrubbers. They tend to wear large puffer jackets over these, usually with tears all over showing the white nylon lining, or green parka coats. However, again not all parka wearers are scrubbers. All scrubbers have greasey skin, greasey hair and bad acne. They hang about in groups of about ten, passing a lager can around and pretedning to be drunk. If society/parents/school/prison really lets them down they move out of the teenage scrubberness and go on to be adult scrubbers. These are the scurge of modern society. There is usually one in every group, making out they are hard because they hang around with people 8 years their junior. They will always ask for a fag, and then get arsey and try to kick woolrich vail coat and run away if woolrich vail coat dont have one. They are sad and pathetic people, but can be dangerous because they have no sort of moral code.