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I got newer and more effective lights for my birthday. I have no idea what to do with them. I normally dont need lights for what I photograph. Still, its fun, fun, fun to try something new. And since I happen to have this gorgeous little girl wandering around during my house, I would too put her to operate, right? She wanted to wear the angel wings, however i had something else in mind this time around. She wants it best when she can do what she wants to do in front of the camera and elsewhere, so there will probaly be a follow-up session with angel wings soon. She ended up getting some feathers though. And today the family room appears like the black swan/white swan showdown just finished inside. The angel wings will be a better option! Enjoy these experimental photos whilst Time passes and dig out the vacuum.

I had completely ignored these photos I took in Norway last month. Its my little niese, Idun pron. Eden, playing within the snow. Snow and ice seem a world away, now that every single day is sunny with temperatures above 25 degrees. We had less than an hour or so together to obtain re-acquainted. An hour is not really anywhere near enough, however it was all wed. On with the wintertime boots and also the goose down jackets! She was happy enough to allow me photograph her, and happy enough to allow me push woolrich online kopen swing, which I considered a win : You need to take what woolrich online kopen can when woolrich online kopen see them so infrequently. Anyway, to woolrich online kopen garden. I was busy working on my tan lines when I was reminded of these winter gems.

Today, I played hide and go seek with the kids. I would say twentysix, then immediately just a little voice would say twentysix behind the laundry basket. Hilarious!

There will always be so many golden nuggets with these kids. A few weeks ago Thomas and Emma were making brownies, and also to watch them fight over the bowl to scrape and lick it clean of chocolate, only agreed to be priceless. I photographed them, so woolrich online kopen wouldnt miss out! : We do hope woolrich online kopen enjoy my little mini-series. Should woolrich online kopen choose, why not subscribe to my blog for more golden nuggets regularly :

It started out quite civilised. Look! How cute.

Last weekend I had been in Norway. Just me. By my self. Sans kids and husband. Having spent most of the past seven years at home taking care of kids, the sporadic weekend away is somewhat of the treat for me personally. Even dealing with security seems very simple when there is just one belt to undo, one bag to x-ray, one pair of shoes to remove.

But as nice as it is disappear during their visit, the best part is definitely returning home. And it is especially nice when there are notes such as these awaiting me, when i open the door everyone was at school/nursery/work. Selina 7 has just cracked the writing code, and she or he writes constantly, - on everything. Including her own body. Her writing is littered with probably the most gorgeous little spelling mistakes. She writes what she hears in 2 languages no less. This is so refreshing about kids; they really dont be concerned about creating mistakes. They just let their eagerness and enthusiasm guide them. The results are these priceless gems that will make us smile for years to come. The very first group of notes would be a scavenger hunt that she had organised for me in Norwegian. Shed me running all around the house searching for the next clue. I will attempt to translate, which means woolrich online kopen obtain the gist of it, although the precious little spelling mistakes can only be appreciated by those of woolrich online kopen who read Norwegian. The last note was a listing of rules she made for Thomas 3 and Emma 3. She wrote that in English, and it is a must read for anybody who hasnt smiled enough today.

The prize, when I found it, would be a couple of drawings and cards. She also included this list of rules, that we will transcribe and interpret for woolrich online kopen personally, in case: