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As the weather cools down, the requirement to beat the chill grows stronger. UNIQLO Ultra Light Down offers the ultimate winter insulation by utilizing 90% pure goose down. Made to satisfy the demands for clothing thats adaptable to sudden changes in temperature, Ultra Light Down outerwear is lighter than in the past.

UNIQLO Ultra Light Down offers warmth, durability and lightness, all packed up right into a little carry case how big a small milk carton. Ultra Light Down debuted last year and due to UNIQLOs strict product development process, the initial design has undergone continuous development using the help the ever innovative Toray Industries to reduce the load from 270 grams to 206 grams, and now to an ultra lightweight 196 grams!

Ordinary down jackets are comprised of the 2-layer structure where the down comes complete and stitched into an outer fabric shell, but UNIQLOs Ultra Light Down jackets are no ordinary down jackets. Our down jackets are put through heat and pressure treatments during the production process to mesh the threads from the Nylon outer layer therefore the down wont escape. This method eliminates the requirement to tightly pack the down, resulting in a decrease in weight.

Our Ultra light down jackets can be found in Gilet, Jacket, Parka and Coat form. So regardless of clothes online discount style or outerwear preference, there no excuse for clothes online discount personally to not pick something up from clothes online discount Ultra light down range. Check it out tobelieveit.