Ancelotti talks about Ferguson choosing his successor. If it's not for Real Madrid, I'll go to Manchester United

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com news,
Ancelotti claimed that Sir Ferguson in 2013 too late to contact him,
he has received the invitation from Real Madrid at that time,
otherwise he will choose Manchester.
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These two super handsome national tide brand all from his hand

ring ctor of the daily two or three things in foreign street fashion,
from the United States,
followed by Japans footsteps,
extended to northern Europe,
Russia and other places,
and then look at home,
it is a bunch of love street fashion friends,
continue to carry out exploration and development of Chinese culture,
so we have the design truly belongs to our own let the world see young people,
China attitudes and ideas.
With the continuous development of Chinese culture,
the strength of the domestic trend brand continues to be strong.
This scene is like New York,
which is the rise of street culture.
Everything is so new,
interesting and interesting! In 2015 YOHOOD we officially announced the YOHOPE designer hatching plans to open,
we continue to offer Amway auo.
Sixth we have: TENYEE brand,
principal designer brands: Southfiness,
Life After Life TENYEE by SOUTHFINESS has a very iconic product style,
and he is also the YOHOPE of cutting-edge designers planning key support designers hatch.
Life After L

With the Sneaker of Sanlitun to have a look with young people how to wear the Royal Park

ring e second column of B jun! In Guy,
B will partner with a photographer to show you around the world and share their daily lives.
Beijing Street Style Sanlitun Sneaker Sanlituns Beijing trendsetter landmark,
here Nike,
Beams with Apple,
The tide shop,
B Jun also heard that MADNESS will open a shop in Sanlitun?! This time we have gathered in this place for trendsetter Guy beat,
Sanlitun is the theme of Sneaker,
they are not necessarily toe,
is not necessarily Master street,
more likely to be students,
but this is so that we can see a strong upsurge of sneaker.
Occupation Point shoes:Air: Guyu host Styling Force 1 Occupation Styling Point Age:17 Li Yang: model shoes:Stansmith Liu Ruochen: Occupation Age:21 Styling Point shoes:Converse All Star student Wang Yi Occupation student Age:17 Styling Point shoes: Superstar Occupation Age:23 Styling student: Chao wellyork Point shoes:Air Jordan Unknow Occupation Styling Point shoes:Nike Unknow: Unknow Occupation: Unknow

No, don't buy it at first. It's no disgrace

ring : if the fox and fox fish really make up their minds to love a person,
then really,
to do the hard work,
and to do good taste,
may not be prepared in return.
Buying luxuries is not a hedge against spending money.
Love means that one cannot be sure that one is happier than others.
And their ability does not meet the love,
and sometimes will make themselves very embarrassed.
Dont buy not buy at first,
love is not love at first,
this is not a shame spinach by fell in love with a person,
there is a price to pay,
we have to give up a little energy,
we risk may also be taking a life occupation planning,
in order to have someone together - love is there is a price,
the deeper the love,
the greater the value,
the acme of love,
regardless of whether he is poverty,
You will not waver in your thoughts with him.
This kind of deep and slightly solemn and stirring emotion,
and not everyone has to bear,
and I even think,
originally should not everyone to bear.
Like many lux

[24 hours] 1530 super Guangzhou Hengda Hebei, China's 2130 Bundesliga, Bayern, Hannover, 96, 0200ATP, Rome, semi finals

ring 0 football night in the ninth round of the Guangzhou Hengda - Hebei China 16:00 Youth Football Championship Football U17 16:55 U17- China Uzbekistan IAAF Diamond League ShangHai Railway Station 17:30 20:30 ATP station in Rome,
the National Gymnastics Championship semi-final 21:30 Bundesliga thirty-fourth Bayern Munich - Hannover 96 day 02:00 ATP Rome station semi-final 08:00 Tianjin International Marathon 13:00 Buick Golf Championship [round] [http://sports.
cn/ more exciting content specific to the actual broadcast program content please click [] to read the original CCTV sports] download client,
real time information and live events dynamic understanding of events

The most greedy man in Wall Street died. He made the world upside down

ring his week in eight,
in the creation of junk bond summon wind and call for rain,
chairman of the investment bank frenzy decorso Linton died,
also represents thirty years of greed Wall Street instead of the end of the century,
such as Facebook social network company.
Business personnel changes is very interesting,
often two seemingly unrelated personnel news,
but you can see the historical change of generation industry.
The new creation is long for the vicissitudes of old marvel.
Just past April,
there are two extremely control people thinking.
This week O 11 issue face book from Google poaching female war Dugan (Regina Dugan),
in charge of Facebooks most strategic building eight research center.
Next weeks press release,
Facebook shares beyond Buffetts Berkshire,
across the United States to become the eighth of listed companies.
In the face book continue to sprint at the same time,
New York City,
a grand mansion issued an obituary,
had created junk bond summon wind and call for rain,

Jam Hsiao Christine Fan hit 2016 fit the most touching music for your tears in the scene

ring  Jam Hsiao,
Christine Fan,
dazzle audio mania,
love is faith concert in Iqiyi VIP member network throughout the exclusive broadcast! Wuli Rain God,
Jam Hsiao called you to see the live broadcast! Christine Fan and Rain God,
two voices,
with tacit understanding,
the stage performance is outstanding,
small partners have also been looking forward to they can open a concert together.
20:00 tonight,
since Iqiyi accompany you to witness the wonderful ~ singer Jam Hsiao debut,
with superior music performance repeatedly gains golden singer award.
Jam Hsiao is definitely a role model for music singers.
He has a super quality voice and an innate emotional expression ability.
Buddy is often the rain god song,
cry pear flower (XI) (LI) (Hua) with rain (LA),
it could lose self-control Christine Fan Christine Fan character.
sweet song.
Classic mode love songs let many students indulge ~ from 2000 officially debut music world to now,
Christine Fan harvested a lot of fans support.
The si